Weather or Not

A show about climate change. Weather or Not? (WON)

For fifteen minutes on the hour the weather changes (dramatically!). An hour chime rings out. Characters pull a weather machine into position.  A weather man and woman emerge onto a high platform in parody of an old-fashioned machine to predict the weather. They are like the gods, whose relationship is paralleled in earthly repercussions. When they are in balance the Earth thrives…

To the accompaniment of climatic sound effects and powerful music, powerful atmospheres are created. Here Comes the Sun; Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot; Stormy Weather. A light spray of rain begins from a disguised hose, then from another…

Overlaid quotes on climate change, the fuel crisis and TV commercials are juxtaposed with the music to highlight the unpredictable impact of human activity. The commentary is serious and comic, entertaining and informative; some in the tone of a horror film, other surreal poetry.

People mill about to avoid the rain. A light breeze begins, powered by a wind machine. It becomes stronger and stronger, sweeping across the heads of the audience. The sensation is at once uncomfortable, challenging and exhilarating. The audience have become animated – they are passionate about their environment! A flurry of biodegradable snow clouds the air.

As the snow settles the mood becomes pensive. An Inuit lament fills the air.