Rollover Beethoven

Our New Show – Rollover Beethoven

Rollover Beethoven

Rollover Beethoven
You are cordially invited to an international piano recital competition, brought to you by Culture in the Community, an outreach programme of the Brahms & Liszt Foundation.

With an added bonus! A mystery guest soprano will make a world record attempt to break a crystal glass with the power of her voice – a tribute to Miss Florence Foster Jenkins in The Glory of the Human Voice.

Classical composers were the rock stars of their age, and who are our competitors to break with tradition? Think Mr. Bean staying at Fawlty Towers in a black & white movie. Musical Marriage Guidance for all the family (and their pets).

This is a new collaboration between four established artistes: two classically-trained, award-winning pianists; and two prima donna street performers. It fuses comedy, circus, drama, magic & musical virtuosity.

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Rollover Beethoven is partly funded by
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